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3 December, 2003

CLUNES MUSEUM Receives Special Grant

The Clunes Museum has received a boost with a Museums Australia (Victoria) SIP 2003 Grant of $12,868.05.

The grant will be used to install Museum lighting in two Galleries.

Museum representative Pat Cook Curator/ Secretary says the grant will benefit the museum by protecting sensitive exhibits from damaging light levels, and enhance the displays with appropriate lighting.

Grants for these kinds of small projects are rarely available, and raising the funds in other ways can take museum personnel away from more hands-on work behind the scenes.

The 2003 Small Infrastructure Project (SIP) Grants offer financial assistance for regional museums undertaking small projects that draw on recognised museum standards. SIP is an initiative of Museums Australia (Victoria) funded through the Arts Victoria Regional Arts Infrastructure Fund.

SIP 2003 is providing assistance to regional museums to meet immediate costs for items such as conservation materials, improved storage and display facilities, environmental control measures and collection management tools and equipment.

"Museums Australia recognises that these sorts of items are essential for museums in caring for and displaying their collections in the best possible way," said Helen Rayment, Executive Director at the Victorian Branch of Museums Australia. "The 2003 SIP Grants acknowledge and support the commitment many smaller regional museums have to improve their standards, and the goals and plans they have in place."

Participation in the Museums Accreditation Program (MAP) has enabled many groups to identify their own needs and meet the requirements to be invited to apply for SIP Funding. Evaluating and addressing areas for improvement is one benefit of MAP, a program that supports Victorian museums in preserving our unique heritage. The Clunes Museum has been MAP Accredited since 1994.


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